Monday, November 30, 2009

Montreal Fashion Minds Blog Launch Party

As you all know, we are students in Fashion Event Planning at LaSalle College, a well-known leader amongst Fashion Schools and we also run this Fashion Blog on the side. With the guidance of our teacher, our project management class has decided to plan a launch party for our blog. So exciting!

This event will host a number of VIPs and Media and will take place the 1st December 2009 at L'Assommoir, in Old Montreal. This will be the 1st fashion event at L'Assommoir's newest location on Notre-Dame street. We are planning to have a fashion installation at the event in collaboration with our fabulous friend, Dice DiCaprio as well as a small fashion show with looks from Razberry Boutique, Arti Designs and some great dresses from Ricardo Cortez Carbello and Francois Champagne.

This will be a fabulous night! There will be great wine, hors d'oeuvres, fashion and of course… US!

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Montreal Fashion Week - Helmer & Denis Gagnon

Firstly, we’d like to apologize for the huge delay in writing about our day #2 at MFW. Working fulltime while attending school full time has proven to be quite hectic!!

As previously mentioned, Montreal Fashion Minds had the pleasure of attending the latest edition of Montreal Fashion Week at Marche Bonsecours. Day #2 for us (which was their Day #3) was super fabulous! We met great people and saw two fantastic shows!

We hung out in the fab cocktail area for a while before the shows began and mingled with the elite Montreal fashion crowd.

Our friends Ruby-Chanel and Andrea joined us again that evening to check out the Spring 2010 collections. This time, Ruby got to meet her childhood idol, super cute local singer/actress, Mitsou!

Ruby & Joanna Yussie & Andrea

Mitsou & Ruby

After, we met some really sweet models that had just walked off the Barila runway. They had wild hair and glamorous makeup fresh from the show. The models included Tia from Canada's Next Top Model, and they were fun to talk to.

While we were speaking to them, out of the corner of our eye we saw Glen Baxter from Fashion Television. We ended our conversation with the models, and like lionesses on the prowl, we made our way towards him. We introduced ourselves, had a short but sweet conversation, took photos, and gave him our business card. He was awesome!

Our first show of the night was Lasalle College alumnist, Helmer.

Inspired by funeral processions, and the French literary fairytale, Bluebeard, the vibe of Helmer’s Spring ’10 fashion show was dark and moody. The ambiance was supported by a powerful gregorian chant sound track, and ‘killer’ designs.

“I grew up near a church and always loved to watch funeral processions; they were dignified and demonstrated a rare elegance” – Helmer

‘The seven wives of bluebeard’ took to the runway in fairy tale gowns that showed off Helmer’s unique, couturial style. His pieces were art-like and were chalk full of lace, organza, bows, taffeta and beading. The collection was rich in detail, featuring embroidered bustiers, skirts and wrap dresses made from large pieces of uncut fabric with only a single seam. His signature patchwork was also on display along with plenty of ruffles, embroideries, gorgeous headpieces and dramatic veils of tulle or lace.

One of our favorite pieces was a black backless gown worn with a grey ruffled stole. Another one worn by his muse, model Oli, was a patchwork gown, that had ‘Je suis la + belle’ (“I am the most beautiful”) written on the back.

Let’s not forgot to mention the cute red headed model that fell about 5 times…someone even had to help her get back up the runway! Poor girl! Guess not everyone can work it in sky-high heels!

His show ended with Oli wearing a beautiful red gown, holding a vile of green poison (representative of the poison Bluebeard used to kill off his wives). Powerful!

This show was rumored to be Helmer’s last, thus the funerary theme, might have had more significance, then just a childhood memory. And although this show was worthy of a powerful exist, this rumor has yet to be confirmed, so hopefully we will have a chance to see more of Helmer’s fabulous collections at future editions of Montreal Fashion Week.

After the show we headed back into the cocktail lounge and snapped some cute photos of more local fashionistas. Here are two of our Lasalle College classmates and their friend!

Aren’t they fierce?!

This super cute girl was one of our fav dressed! Love the whole outfit!

Here is Miss Sly, a follow fashion blogger who recently moved here from Ottawa. She was amazing, and really fun to talk to! We also met her fabulous friend; known as, Nolan the Heiress, the T Dot socialite, who she met from her many travels to Toronto. How fab! Check out Miss Sly's blog here!

After our amazing time in the lounge, it was time for the most anticipated show of the evening, Denis Gagnon. The line up was insane to say the least; thank God we were already upstairs! The show was about 1hour late but we didn’t care… we were so eager to see what he had in store for us this season. Denis Gagnon closes Montreal Fashion Week every year with a bang, and this show was in no way a disappointment. The show was packed with eager fashion enthusiasts and we were in spot, at the end of the runway, ready to snap photos.

His collection was full of zipper masterpieces. Futuristic Femmes rocked the runway in hiked up hemlines, low-cut necklines, sheer fabrics, hot handbags and super fierce shoes! The matching DIY footwear from Aldo made our mouths drop to the floor; the zipper trimmed bags from Fullum and Holt and stunning silver accessories from Harakiri were equally as stunning. The color palette was full of creams, blacks, mint green and a silvery greys.

The amazing outfits had tough zipper trims, pointed shoulders and a great appeal to them. We loved everything about the show, including the most amazing jumpsuits, short shorts, jackets, drop crotch pants and of course, Denis Gagnon’s soft signature leathers.

We had so many favorites that there was no way could narrow it down. LOVE is the only way to explain this show. He was so cute when he came down the runway in his glitter trimmed harem pants. The crowd was so enamored by him that it prompted organizers to stage a second presentation. This is practically un-heard of…

Even more excitement to add to this perfect show, Denis Gagnon is creating a collection for the retail chain Bedo for next fall to attract a larger target market at a lower price point. We can’t wait!

After this amazing show, we went in to the lounge to celebrate with some delicious Comos and Champagne!

We took some more photos of fashionistas, including our cute designer friend Anthony Di Caprio, of DICE Di Caprio.

We later had the ultimate pleasure of meeting Monsieur Denis Gagnon himself, in the media lounge after his second show. We had a chance to compliment him on his fabulous show, and incredible designs and sip on some cocktails together. Heavenly!

After drinks with Denis Gagnon, we bumped into Gibran Ramos from Bunker TV and Dress to Kill magazine, looking fierce in v-neck T and sequined cardigan.

We also chatted with our fabulous friends from Aldo Groupe, who did a great job collaborating with Montreal Fashion Week designers; especially the beautiful Denis Gagnon modified zipper shoes.

We continued to mingle, while we jammed to the beats of the DJ and snapped more photos of Montreal fashionistas….

This was an amazing way to end Montreal Fashion Week. We met great people, saw amazing designs, sipped cocktails with friends and had a hell of a great time!

À Bientôt!