Friday, April 2, 2010

DIY Lace Nails - Follow Up

As mentioned in March we came across the most genius idea of putting lace on your nails. We saw the tutorial on the amazing blog "Behind the Seams". On Thursday we decided to get together with our best gals Andrea & Ruby and try this super cute experiment! We stopped by Fabricville and scored some really awesome pieces of lace; Red lace for Ruby, Black&Gold for Andrea and we had a choice of Black&Silver, purple or turquoise for us!

With all our tools and products we sat together and got started! We won't lie... the hardest part of this DIY idea was cutting the pieces of lace in the exact shape of each nail. Once we got in the flow of things, it became super fun and we were giggling the whole way through!
One tip to give... let the top coat really dry before applying the next coat. Oh and don't put too many layers or they will peel right off! In all we loved the look... isn't it so Gaga??

Ruby Red & Black n' Gold

Black n' Silver & Purple Fever

After our experiment we tried out some hair makeovers courtesy of!! We had soooo much fun giving each other new Hollywood looks!! Don't we look fab with our new hair?? We think so!!

Ruby with dark locks and fierce bangs!!! Sexy!!

Andrea with faboush bangs!! She is rocking both blond & brown hair - so hot!!

Yussie in a very Pulp Fiction bob & Amanda Bynes styled blond do! Imagine this was real?!

Joanna is rockin' the blond bombshell look!! Fantastical! Doesn't she look like Marilyn?
What a great night with our friends!! Stay tuned for more DIY experiments!


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