Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rockland Has an App for That!

Seems as though Rockland Shopping Centre is really keeping up with technology! And we are thankful for that. As of August 2nd, Rockland released a free application for the iPhone! This will make them the 1st ever shopping center in Quebec to have one. The new app will allow you, the shoppers, to find out about special and exclusive deals, stay on top of the latest Rockland-related news, receive updates on new collections and learn about their upcoming events, all with your phone! How fab is that? The new Rockland app will also allow you to search for certain brands, get info on store hours and even get directions to stores! Easy as pie.

So next time you want to hit up Rockland Shopping Centre, Montreal's leading fashion destination, make sure you have your app ready to go for convenient shopping and all your fashion needs!


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Arslan Jegger said...

Probably a good place to get "Maine" gifts for your whole family while you visit.
Next time me and Valerie Dho will do shopping! ;)