Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Designer Spotlight... Veronica Reis

For our very first local designer spotlight we'd like to introduce to you... Veronica Reis. She is an up and coming Montreal designer who has recently launched her very own label of made-to-measure fashions.

Her very first collection (fall/winter 2008-2009) consists of fabulously designed gowns and dresses with unique detailing and a glamorous feel.

Looking for a fab new outfit for your next big event? Whether it is a cocktail party, a black tie event or even your own wedding....you will fall in love with Veronica's designs.
Here's a peak at some of her beautiful creations...

Veronica was also kind enough to participate in an interview with us at Montreal Fashion Minds. Check out what she had to say regarding her style, her influences, fashion in Montreal and more!

M.F.M: How did you get interested in fashion?
VR: I was always exposed to sewing and design and I used to play around with my mother’s sewing machine a lot.

M.F.M: Have you always wanted to be a designer? How did you get into fashion design?
VR: I always liked sewing and I started very young on my mother’s 60-year-old Singer. I got really good really fast, but I never took it seriously because I come from a family where women sewed because that was the only way they could help support their family. It wasn’t a choice. They didn’t have the opportunities I had, like being able to study, get an education and a “good job”. I graduated from high school and studied Police Technology and after one year I realized that I wanted to sew and design instead. I thought about it a lot and told myself I could do it and that I could be good at it. I knew I could be successful.

M.F.M: What is your educational background? Where did you go to school?
VR: I went to John Abbott College, LaSalle College and McGill University.

M.F.M: What is your design philosophy?
VR: Fit is the key to a well-made dress.

M.F.M: Where do you get inspiration from?
VR: Magazines, movies and real people.

M.F.M: You began your business out of your house. What is that like? How do you like having your design studio in your home in Terrebonne?
VR: It’s comfortable and I get to work at my own pace and spend more time with my husband at the same time.

M.F.M: What are your hobbies?
VR: I love to travel and do pretty much anything crafty.

M.F.M: Who is your favorite designer and why?
VR: I love Vivienne Westwood because she is so crazy and different.

M.F.M: What is your favourite piece of clothing and/or shoes that you own?
VR: I have to say my favourite items are dresses that I have made myself for special events because I had the chance to make exactly what I wanted. As for shoes, I have a thing for shoes. I can’t even choose. Any fierce looking shoe is a favourite of mine.

M.F.M: If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

VR: Black.

M.F.M: What are your favourite places to dine and shop in Montreal?
VR: I love Winners for accessories and shoes. My favourite restaurants are Baton Rouge and Club Espagnole Du Quebec on St-Laurent.

M.F.M: How has living in Montreal influenced your personal style?
VR: Montreal is so culturally diverse so I’ve really learned to appreciate tons of different styles. From relaxed and casual to fancy and sophisticated.

M.F.M: Is this your first official collection?
VR: Yes.

M.F.M: What was your inspiration for this collection?
VR: My collection is pretty eclectic. I wanted to show something feminine, fantasy, bold.

M.F.M: Have you done any shows yet? If so, when was your last show and where was it? If not, do you have any coming up or plans for one in the future?
VR: I had a show at Time Supper Club on St-Jacques in downtown Montreal in November. It was part of Fashion Revolution held by E.V.E Entertainment.

M.F.M: Which Canadian stores, if any, carry your line? If none, where can we buy?

VR: My current collection is available exclusively online at http://vrreis.etsy.com.

M.F.M: Who would you like to design something for?
VR: Charlize Theron or Nicole Kidman because they are classic beauties.

M.F.M: What advice do you have for a young woman who wants to be a fashion designer?
VR: Go after whatever makes you happy. Don’t let anyone say you can’t, it’s not good enough, or it’s a difficult profession to get into. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

M.F.M: What are your goals or aspirations? What’s next for you?
VR: I’d like to get the word out as best I can and build up a reputation as a designer. I plan to show my next Spring/Summer 2009 collection in early spring and inspire anyone looking for the perfect wedding dress or prom dress.

So there you have it! Veronica Reis is one of the hottest new fashion designers out of Montreal. She is young, she is talented, she is Canadian and she is going places!

Check out her full collection at: veronicareis.com

Image Soure: veronicareis.com

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