Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Styles of the Young & Famous - Part 1

Ever since the celebrity baby boom, everyone’s had a fascination with seeing how these celebrity tots grow up. One thing theyve been watching closely is their sense of style. So I’ve compiled a list of some of these fashion forward children, with a variety of styles, that will make you want to jump on the baby boom trend, just so you can start shopping for your little one.

# 1 – Suri Cruise – Sweet & Sophisticated Stylista

Topping my list of most fashion forward celebrity babies is none other then the fashion diva herself, Suri Cruise. Suri has not only topped my list, but has also topped Forbes “Hollywood's Hottest Tots” list, with no surprise. The daughter of A-list couple Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes seems to love the spotlight, and her parents seem to love putting her there.

At only 2 years old, Suri Cruise has already become a fashion icon. Of course, like most young children, Suri has been influenced by her mother, because, obviously, Katie does most of the shopping. However, Suri has, at the same time, gained a sense of style of her own. Tom has been quoted saying that Suri is a “Girlie girl. She won’t wear pants. Kate finally got her in jeans the other day. We put the pants on and walk away and the pants are off and the dress is on.”

Suri has also been photographed admiring Katie’s red Roger Viviers shoes, showing that even at 2 years old, she knows a pair of fabulous shoes when she sees them.

In fact, she was the one who picked them out for her, along with the bright blue pumps Katie wore at the Met Gala.

Katie’s little fashion stylist and shopper extraordinaire was even rewarded by Viviers’ designers with a custom made pair of the red buckle flats for herself, which are apparently the first pair ever made for a child. Her wonderful shoe collection also grew over Christmas when she received a handcrafted pair of Christian Louboutins. Boy, I wish Tom & Katie would adopt me…. At least I wouldn’t grow out of the shoes as fast!!

Suri is also a major trendsetter. After her haircut at “Cozy Cuts for Kids” hair salon, the stylists there, told Glamour magazine that Suri’s bob was the hottest hairstyle of the moment and that parents were coming in with photos of Suri, so that their children can get the same style.

Even grown-up celebrities, started chopping their hair into the Suri bob. Selma Blair was seen on Regis and Kelly with the do’ shortly after Suri got hers cut and said It’s a little Suri Cruise haircut.” Even Katie was inspired by her daughter and chopped her locks off too!

Katie will also be designing a collection of childrens clothing for Armani Junior called “Katie Holmes for Armani” which will be inspired by her daughter, Suri. The collection is set to be released early this year.

Suri in Armani at Tom & Katie's Wedding

Suri is not only completely adorable, but she’s a stylist, a trendsetter, and a fashion inspiration. She is a well deserving tot for the top spot in fashion trendsetting.

Mommy & Me Style:

Suri & Katie in matching silver metallic shoes.

Steal her style:

Suri’s fabulous outfits and where you can find them....if you can afford them.

Stay tuned for the runner ups of the most stylish & trendsetting celebrity tots....

(To be continued....)

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