Saturday, March 7, 2009

MFW Day #2 - Ralph Leroy and Myco Anna

On Wednesday we went back for more fashion at Montreal Fashion Week. For our second day we decided to brighten our outfits up a little and the outcome was great!! Joanna wore a funky multi-colored dress, black and silver studded belt, black leggings and her black wedge boots. She complimented her look with silver hoops and her black leather 2-way zipper clutch. Yussie wore a multi-colored flowy top with a black cardigan, dark blue jeans and her Alice + Olivia patent wedge heels. Her look was topped off with large gold hoops, gold chain and cuff and a snake skin clutch. The outfits turned out great for our semi-sunny-licous day!



Our first show was newcomer Ralph Leroy and we were blown away!! The menswear show started off with a projection on the back wall and a voice over the speakers. It was in French, so we didn’t quite catch it all, but it spoke of the 4 elements, earth, wind, fire and water. It was a cool start, but the words on the screen were not timed correctly with the spoken words on the speakers. Once the intro ended, the lights turned off, and there were flashes of bright lights, as if there was lightening in the room. Some really intense warrior music then began, the lights went on and the first model hit the runway; it was quite dramatic. The collection consisted mainly of slim-cut trousers and solid shirts. The looks were classy and sophisticated, but the colors were bright and fun, which we thought really livened up the usually dark and muted fall/winter colors. The accessories included fedora hats, handbags, motorcycle gloves, bow-ties and some kick ass patent leather shoes. At the end of the show, the lights flashed again, and the models emerged, walking two by two down the runway. Once they were all lined up, they faced each other and the designer walked down the runway between them. He then turned back walked to the top of the catwalk and the models began to walk back and formed a semi-circle behind him. We thought it was a very cool way for the designer to present himself; it was fun, dramatic and really coincided with the theme of the show. The mens collection was superb. It was chic, urban and ultra modern… perfect for our Montreal business men! The show was great, the music was even better and the collection was breathtaking… we are definitely looking forward to Ralph Leroy’s next show! What a great Montreal Fashion Week debut!

After the Ralph Leroy show we went in to the cocktail area and got some tasty Cosmo’s to get us ready for the Myco Anna show!

Myco Anna’s show had a great music selection that kept up with the quirky, multi layered collection. It was very fun, and kept your head bobbing throughout the show. The collection is a little different then most, as each outfit is made, either wholly or in part, of recycled and equitably traded materials. What a great way to be in style and go green! The models walked confidently with dark makeup and different funky braided hair-dos. The collection consisted of a variety of patchwork, knit items, with lots of layering and fun colors. The items were also, often accented with fun fur pompoms or collars. The whole vibe of the show was really reflective of the style and quirkiness of the brand. We loved it!

That was end of day 2 at MFW! We had a blast! More fashion fun to come for day 3!


Couture Carrie said...

Those clutches rock!


Little Miss Dress Up said...

lucky lucky girls!! :D

you guys are adorable.

X Hanna

Dan M. said...

love love looove the dress and both clutches are amazing.