Saturday, March 7, 2009

MFW Day #3 - Dress To Kill Magazine's 1st Anniversary Cocktail Party

Our 3rd day at MFW was great! We didn’t attend any shows, but we did attend Dress To Kill Magazine's fabulous 1st Anniversary cocktail party.

Because we were attending a party and not a show, we decided to spice up our outfits a bit with leopard print and studs! Joanna wore a black dress with leopard print belt and earrings. She flattered her great outfit with a beige snakeskin clutch, black leggings and her black wedge boots. Yussie wore black shiny AA leggings, black cardigan and ruffle top. She wore silver stud teardrop earrings, her snake skin clutch and black ankle boots. So fab!

We walked around sippin on some delicious cosmos, while admiring Montreal’s fashion industry, up close and personal. There were so many amazing shoes, dresses, bags and hairstyles! Below are pictures of some of the amazing people at MFW!!

She was one of our fave models from the shows!

A few of Montreal's fashionista's!

Sexy models and fashion lova's!

So hot right!?

Our lovely bartender of the evening! Ain't he fly?

These are cool promo people for [dress to] Kill Magazine!
Yes... those are stripper shoes their wearing as hats!

Check out these oh-so-fab shoes!

We heart them all!
Esp. the gold studded Nikes!

We may not have picked up any swag bags at the shows, but Montreal Fashion Week was sponsored by P&G beauty, so their hostesses were handing out a variety of products in the cocktail lounge. Some of the products we picked up included the Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner, Cover Girl Highlights and Blast Luxe mascara, Venus razors, and Gillette M3Power Razor and shave gel for the men and more!

Thanks for checking in with us for our coverage of Montreal Fashion Week!


STEFANIE said...

sounds like you had fun =)

Ida said...

Those clutches you've got girls = fabulous!

Karafina said...

looks like a fun and stylish night! i would looovvve to visit montreal one of these days...its definitely up there on the list of places to go!

Antonia said...

you were at the dress to kill party?! i didn't see you!
hope you had a fabulous time, i definitely did!

Molly said...

this sounds like alot of fun!
you look gorgeous :)

Daphne said...

amazing, my dear!

The beautiful and glammed said...

you guys got some great style shots! new fan and follower of your blog! bisous <3 x

lula said...

Nice blog!
See mine at:


Fashion Garden said...

So cool !! I m from montreal to ! Im working as a stylist over there !! really nice to meet ya !!

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

looks like fun.big times.

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

Just found your blog girls! Love it!

I'm also from Montreal, though living in the UK at the moment. I miss it so much!

Definitely will keep an eye on your blog!


FashionForWeirdsciencedInMTL said...

Nice outfits of yours..weren't u