Friday, February 26, 2010

The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful

Wednesday night, Montreal Fashion Minds attended the “The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful” FINN cultured + cured Spring 2010 fashion show in collaboration with Little Burgundy shoes. The fashion show was held at Le Saint-Gabriel in Old Montreal and we had a wonderful time.

We started off the evening with some cocktails at the Belvedere Vodka sponsored bar and mingled with all the familiar fashion faces.

Before the show was about to begin, the beautiful and equally sweet Vanessa Morcom from Vanessa NK PR showed us to our seats. We took our place and were ready to be immersed in some fantastic Montreal Fashion.

Here we are with the fabulous Vanessa. who is wearing a dress from FINN's Spring Collection

The fashion show opened with DJ Mary Hell on the turntables spinning "Heads Will Roll" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, while the models hit the runway. FINN’s Spring 2010 collection includes both women and mens apparel. The women’s looks consisted of slim-fitting tees and dresses in a variety of pastel colors, detailed with snaps and grommets and a very cute denim jumper. The menswear included plaid button up shirts, logoed Tees and Bermuda shorts. The FINN outfits were further accessorized with Little Burgundy’s latest brands of shoes, Seychelles and Pointer. FINN cultured + cured, as described best on their website, is a lifestyle brand for today’s design and media obsessed youth that are eager to extend their image and personality through fashion.

Little Burgundy Marketing Manager, Catherine Laporte and FINN designer, Vicky Kelechian

After the show we had the privilege of speaking to FINN designer, Vicky Kelechian, and Little Burgundy Marketing Manager, Catherine Laporte. Vicky explained where she got her inspiration for the collection. She said her first set was greatly inspired by "blacks and even blacks on black, white, distressed stripes, lots of printing, jumbo grommets, very rock n roll." We couldn’t agree more. Her second set was, in her own words, "nautical, new silhouettes, nautical coloration, very 70s, California, washed out. It’s inspired by albums from The Mama’s and the Papas and the clothing gave a very soft hand feel.". It only took her a mere 3 months to design. Catherine, who was wearing a black dress, with a zipper detailed neckline from FINN's fall collection, then told us about the relationship between FINN cultured + cured and Little Burgundy Shoes. She said "We started working together last season on some photo shoots. We believe that both brands have the same DNA and both being from Montréal, the brands can really work well together. We decided to work together with the newer, lesser known brands at Little Burgundy like Pointer and Seychelles and being from Montréal we have to come across as being dressy but not pretentious; especially with the lifestyle here in Montreal."

After our chat, we hit up the bar again, and continued to mingle. We met Scarlett James, a local burlesque performer. In an attempt to bring the life back into burlesque scene and the glamour back to Montreal, Scarlett will be performing a brand new routine in an extravagant Burlesque show at Club Soda, on Saturday March 6th. With top burlesque performers from around the world, you will be dazzled by the music, the costumes, and the dancers. For more information, check out or

We also bumped into fellow Montreal blogger, Audrwey from Jeans and Stilettos. So fab!!

Some fabulous local Fashionistas rocking some kick-ass outfits

We finished off the night taking a peek into the generous gift bags that were left at our seats at the beginning of the fashion show. We were pleased to find a variety of goodies!

What a great night!


R.C. said...

I ADORE your blog ladies!!! Amazing post on an amazing night... wouldn't you say?!?

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Thanks Robyn! You're soo sweet!

Where you there as well?

Thanks for all the love!
We're huge fans of your blog as well!