Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Montreal Fashion Minds Blog Launch Party

After a huge delay (due to end of semester stresses, exams, holidays & work) we would like to present you… OUR OFFICIAL BLOG LAUNCH!!!

Held on December 1st, 2009 at L’Assommoir Restaurant in the Old Port of Montreal, we hosted, along with our fellow LaSalle College Event Planning Students, our very own Blog Launch Party. Friends, family and contacts we made through our blog, surrounded us while we enjoyed a fabulous night!

We would like to thank all those who came out to support us!

The beautiful venue, L’Assommoir set the right vibe with its urban-chic feel and elegant yet laid-back environment. Our guests were able to mingle on the open floor or sit on the comfortable banquets covered in luxurious black leather. The already gorgeous venue was complemented with beautiful floral arrangements from Madame K Designs and accented with Hype Enlite and the new Organic Hype Energy Drink, all in the color scheme of our blog (pink, green & black). Super fun and chic!

Once guests got settled in, we came down the long winding stair well in our fabulous new dresses, sexy pumps and amazing hair by Kristen Mathieu! We began to greet everyone while models, wearing fabulous outfits from Razberry Boutique and Arti Designs, walked around, showing off our blog on laptops to all our guests.

Designer Arti Gogna

We sipped the most delicious imported wines from the Opimian Wine Society {thanks again Pierre :D} while mingling with all our supporters. The guests enjoyed chic and delicious hors d'oeuvres from Malibu Gourmet Catering {Merci Didier} and kicked back to amazing beats spun by local DJs Dani Drops and DJ Jackie Spade! Thank you ladies!!!

DJ Jackie Spade and DJ Dani Drops

While the guests mingled, they were invited to check out a fashion installment located at the back of the venue, in the gorgeous glass-enclosed wine cellar. We had the most fantastic mannequins from Newform and they were dressed in fierce, fashionable, clothing from our dear, dear designer friend’s latest collection, DICE DiCaprio. We absolutely adore him and the clothes were to die for! They were a perfect match, and made the fashion installment, truly come to life! Thanks to both Anthony of DICE DiCaprio and Pascal & Lina from Newform Mannequins

Designer Anthony DiCaprio of DICE DiCaprio

Pascal & Lina from Newform Mannequin

Mid-Event, we took time to thank all our wonderful supporters in a short speech. The nerves seemed to disappear, when we took ‘center stage’ and looked into the crowd and saw so many familiar, friendly faces. It was so endearing to see everyone came out for us! We were comfortable, and although we were missing a microphone, and had to project our voices, we finished successfully. After our speech, two of our fellow students brought us each a gorgeous bouquet of huge pink roses. It was an unexpected, wonderful surprise. Thanks to Madame K for bouquets! We almost died they were so gorge! And couldn’t believe how long they lasted following the event!

Following our speech, we had a business card draw for some cool prizes including two 1 night stays at the fabulous Hotel Berri, day passes to the Ice Hotel in Quebec City and a very elegant Nautical Sun Dial from Celadon Collection. It was so fun to see the winners’ faces as their names were called for the prizes.

One of the winners was our photographer & friend Richard Leroux

Once the draw was completed, Vogue by Madonna started to play and the fashion show began!! The models came down the winding staircase in beautiful funky dresses by Jonathan Ricardo Cortez Carballo & François Champagne. The music was pumping and the models looked fantabulous! They entered the main area we were in and strutted their stuff for all to see, in fierce shoes from Spring and worked it out! It was fabulous

Once the fashion show ended, we spent the remainder of the evening chit-chatting and taking photographs with our guests. Thanks to Richard Leroux and Hugo Trottier of SuperStar Photos for hooking us up with all the fantastic photos!

Fantabulous Miriel Robidoux

Wonderful Desomona Forde and Carol Hendron

Pierre (from Opmian Wine) Camisha and Mirel

Our friends Haley and Bianca

The extraordinary Andrew McNally

The Lovely Vicky from Bicomm

Our gorgeous fashionista friend Tasha

Our supportive men... Steve and T

Our Crew... Sam, Marissa, Andrea and Ruby


When the guests started heading out, they received the cutest little gift bags with our logo on them. Inside they enjoyed a folder filled with info about us and our budding business, a cute eco-friendly shopping bag from Dynamite clothing, a Hype Energy Drink, business cards from our sponsors and our very own new and improved Montreal Fashion Minds business cards! Once everyone was gone, we hung out upstairs with our boyfriends and recapped a fabulous night! We cleaned up the space upstairs, packed our stuff and headed home!

Thanks to everyone who supported us throughout this sometimes-very-hectic experience. We will never forget all those who supported us and we cannot thank you enough! We appreciate all the faith you have put into us. It really means so much! We are on to bigger and better things in 2010 and we will keep you posted on our progress in the fashion and event planning industry!

Much Love

Ladies of Lasalle College Event Planning Class

Jeremy - Our graphic designer and technical support aka The Best There Ever Was

Volunteer Brandon and Fashion Stylist Christine Richardson

Hair Stylists Kelly & Kristen from salon Donald & Joseph and Make-up Artist Aileen Cheng

Brandon and Hair Stylist Jonathan Panetta

Special Thanks To:
  • Victor, Vincent & Staff at L’Assommoir Restaurant
  • Didier & Team from Malibu Gourmet Catering
  • Pierre at the Opimian Wine Society
  • DJ Dani Drops and DJ Jackie Spade
  • Josh Silver at Hype Energy Drink
  • Richard Leroux Photography
  • Hugo Trottier of SuperStar Photos
  • Jeremy Turowetz for technical support, and graphic design, as well as all your help throughout this entire process & day of event
  • Hair & Make-Up by Kristen Matieu & Kelly from Donald and Joseph
  • Make-Up by Aileen Cheng
  • Clothing by Razberry Boutique, Arti by Arti Gogna, Ricardo Cortez Carballo & François Champagne, and Anthony Dicaprio of Dice DiCaprio
  • Shoes & Boots from Spring
  • Wonderful Models! We love you! You worked that ‘runway’! Stay Beautiful! xox
  • All the volunteers! Brandon + Christine we heart you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!
  • Celadon Collection, Hotel Berri and the Ice Hotel for the draw prizes
  • The students in our class. It would not have been possible without your support. We appreciate all the hard work you all put into planning this wonderful event
  • Our teachers and the administration at LaSalle College for supporting us and making this event possible


Miriel said...

Heart warming recap of the Event!

You both ROK .. looking forward to seeing your careers grow .. wishing you both GREAT success!

Warm Regards,

Miriel said...
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Dan J. Yopp said...

congrats guys!! thats reall awesome! glad your event was sexy. look foward to seeing what in store for you guys this year.

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Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Thanks Miriel! You're tooo sweet! We miss you! xoox

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Thanks Danik!

You're too cute! We're fans of your blog <3

You hitting up Fashion Week??