Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eye Candy… MKO edition…

Mary Kate Olsen looks flawless as she strikes a variety of artistic poses for the March ‘09 issue of Interview Magazine. Her look Is very different in this spread but incredibly awesome. I love the dresses and the makeup is absolutely amazing! Look below for the rest of the photos and some excerpts from her interview. Enjoy!

But you’re one of the very few actresses of your generation to cultivate your own style, totally original and authentic. When did that start for you?
For me, it really started by looking at people. There are just some really beautiful people in the world. When you’re walking down the street, or you’re at a restaurant, someone catches your eye because they have their own look. It goes way beyond what they’re wearing-into their mannerisms, the way they smile, or just the way they hold themselves.

I know you also have a place in L.A. and you go back and forth a lot, but do you think you’ve made New York your place?
I’m definitely bicoastal, but I have to say, it’s easier to live in New York than in L.A. I feel like people respect other people’s space a bit more here.

Do you remember the point in your life when you first got interested in fashion? Were you 16 and suddenly tearing through Vogues?

I didn't look at magazines until a couple of years ago, to be honest. I never really knew anything about fashion. When I was young, clothes were really just about what fit, because Ashley and I were so tiny. So I understood fit before I understood style.

Love, Love, Love it!


Ida said...

Wow, she looks so different here. Beautiful!

Laura said...

She's such an icon!