Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How much do I loathe these... let me count the ways...

Sarah Jessica Parker flaunts her gorgeous darker locks after leaving a hotel in NYC on Monday. But all eyes were not focused on those luscious locks and cute outfit... they were staring at her HIDEOUS boots!

The 43-year-old fashion diva/actress has just signed up for a SATC sequel. With the first movie making over $400 million worldwide, its no wonder... why wouldn't she? She is a fashion icon in real life and on the big screen... but poor SJP got all confuzzled when she picked out these monstrous boots! She FAILED ON THIS ONE! She looks like a centaur with those hooves!

I just don't know what to say about these camel toe boots... I mean... WTF was SJP thinkin' when she picked these up! And WTF was she thinkin' when she wore them in public!! YUCK! Who the hell wants one, let alone two, camel toe on purpose??!?!

There is just nothing else to say but no. NO NO NO!


Stacy said...

Those boots are awful.

wolfwhistle said...

I hate these so much :(