Friday, February 6, 2009

I’m Too Sexy for TV, Too Sexy for TV....

Calvin Klein’s latest jean commercial for their Spring/Summer 09 collection, has been banned by US television networks for being overly provocative.

The commercial, shot by Steven Meisel, features a group of topless, up and coming models in what seems to be a big ol’ orgy.

CK is currently working on a new, edited version of the commercial for US cable television, while the uncensored version will continue to be shown in other countries, such as, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Those Europeans sure like it dirty!

This may be the label’s first jean commercial since 15 year old, Brooke Shields took to the screens in the 80’s, however, it hasn’t been too long since Calvin Klein faced the same type of censorship for their sexually charged ads.

Last year’s television commercial for CK’s fragrance, Obsession, featuring Eva Mendes, was also banned for partial frontal nudity. (in other words, you can totally see her nipples).

The uncensored ad can be viewed exclusively at