Monday, November 24, 2008

AMA Style: Winners & Losers

#1 - Three Words: Hawt Hawt Fyah!!

Not always one to make the best fashion choices, Pink certainly looked Smokin Hot in Vivenne Westwood!!

#2 - Hate Her .... Love the Dress!

Although we are not really fans of Miss Montana, we love, love, love her dress! She's lookin' pretty fabulous in a black & gold strapless Marchesa dress!

#3 - Head Piece Headache!

While Alicia Keys' gown was beautiful, her accessories were not! The diamond bindi looks out of place and her earrings are just plain weird.

#4 - Lady Gaga … She is Not!

Lookin ultra glam, Christina showed up in a beautifully beaded, silver gown. She seemed to have lost all inspiration from Lady Gaga….but looks like she’s quickly moved on to Dita Von Teese!

#5 - Unfit for a Queen!

Queen Latifah’s face is glowing but her outfit is less then flattering. The cut is just all wrong! Good choice on the accessories though!

#6 - Well....At Least the Dress Looks Nice!

Ashley Tisdale’s Philosophy dress was super hot…but her face, not so much! With that pout, she seems to be channeling the Olsen twins!

#7 - Not the Brightest Crayon in the Box....Afterall!

Although her dress seemed to be, Jordin Sparks was not shining in this outfit! Even her shoes are weird and we’re seriously not feeling those red hair extensions!

# 8 - Straight Out of a Fairy Tale....

Looking sweet and sophisticated, in a silver sequined dress, Taylor Swift was dazzling!

# 9 - How Many Ways Can You Say the Word "Wrong"?

The former "Doritos" girl, Ali Landy, showed up lookin like a straight up bottle of pepto bismol! This Ina Soltani dress is just toooo much!

# 10 - Make that Perfect 10!

Rhianna. Flawless. Zac Posen. Hot. Earrings. Shoes. Gloves. Frothy Goodness. Yum.

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