Thursday, November 6, 2008

Formal Introduction

Welcome to Montreal Fashion Minds!

Allow us to introduce ourselves - We are Yussie & Joanna. We are best friends, colleagues and aspiring fashion event planners. We have joined forces yet again, to create this blog to express our interest in fashion and share our visions, inspirations, outfits, news and more with you.

We've appropriately entitled our blog "Montreal Fashion Minds" because we live in Montreal, and are damn proud of it! Montreal is a wonderful and diverse city, and here, fashion is a four-season word! With our drastic seasonal climate change, fashion in Montreal is ever changing. Montreal designers and fashionistas are also greatly influenced by Montreal's multicultural setting, where the people are so wonderful and diverse. We also have an insanely creative performing arts scene that generates tons of inspiration. All of these wonderful elements of Montreal combined, create a fierce fashion scene! Which is why, we are here, to share with you, our Montreal Fashion Minds!

We hope you enjoy our blog and keep on comin' back!!

~ Yussie & Joanna ~

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