Monday, November 10, 2008

A Girl’s Proclamation

My mom gave me this article last night and told me to read it. Its an motivating piece pulled from the “Montreal Gazette” written by 14 year old, Tina Charamis who was inspired by, Louise Desjardins, her mother’s best friend (whom she referred to as a second mother), a breast cancer victim. I just thought it was something that all women/girls should read, as it is very empowering. It is not about fashion per say, but it is a motivational read that refers to self-image. And we all know that fashion magazines, runways, television, etc. all project an idea of the “perfect woman” which is often highly unrealistic. So this is just a reminder that no matter what your weight, height, breast size etc. we are all beautiful and fabulous women!

“A Girl's Proclamation”

I did not make myself, but I can make choices that will shape who I become.

I will respect my body. I will take care of it, give it proper nutrition and exercise.

I will perfect its abilities and accept its limitations.

I will measure myself by my own standards.

I will learn. I choose to be smart.

I choose to expand my knowledge.

I will learn from and rise above my mistakes.

I will learn from the mistakes of others.

I will respect the advice offered by those who are older and wiser than me. Their experiences and the lessons they've learned will be invaluable.

I will see each challenge as an opportunity to test myself and to strengthen my abilities.

I will focus on celebrating my successes and achievements, and not dwell on my errors or failures.

I will be assertive and confident instead of being aggressive and full of self-doubt.

I accept that there are things beyond my control.

I will count my blessings, not my sorrows.

I will treat others with kindness and compassion.

I will surround myself with people who share my values and ethics.

I accept that my body will age and deteriorate as I get older, but my soul will grow stronger and become more beautiful if I follow my own words.

Tina Charamis

To read the full article on how Tina was inspired by Louise Desjardins, regarding the fight against breast cancer, self-image and survival, follow this link to the Montreal Gazette.

You may also click on the pink ribbon below to visit the Breast Cancer Site, where a simple click will donate a free mammogram to those who need it.

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