Friday, March 26, 2010

Cocktail Mode 2010 – Winterized

On Wednesday evening, Montreal Fashion Minds headed to the head office of Simms Sigal & Co., Wilshire Fashions and ANV Clothing, for Cocktail Mode 2010 – Winterized.

The amazing event featured Fall Winter 2010 collections of over 30 international premium and contemporary clothing and accessory brands. Simms Sigal & Co., Wilshire Fashions and ANV Clothing are your one-stop wholesalers for on-trend brands that appeal women, men and children who seek high quality clothing.

We sipped lovely cocktails and munched on hors d’oeuvres while checking out some amazing & unique accessories and fabulous clothing. We saw some great pieces from Rock & Republic, Ella Moss, True Religion, Wet Cement, Rich & Skinny, Rachel Pally, Robert Rodriguez and much more!!

We met super cute twin designers, Tara and Gabrielle Garbarino of Luv U Always! We can’t imagine being only 18 years old and designing great leggings with your twin! So awesome!

We were really blown away by the fabulous accessories they had. The Linea Pelle collection of studded leather and fringe handbags was off the chain! So delicious!

They also had really cool items like “Hem Tape for Denim” from a genius company called Bristols 6. It is a double-stick tape specially designed to temporarily alter the length of jeans. So for all of you who have a pair of jeans frayed along the hem because they’re too long (and you’re too lazy to take them to the seamstress) you can now test run a new length before taking the scissors to those designer jeans… or better yet, you can use it when you want to wear flats and remove it when you’re wearing heels!! Loves it! It even last through 3 machine washes!

Go from heels to flats, just like that!

Also from Bristols 6 is “Adjust a Button”… It is a movable button for the “too-tight” jeans that have been staring at you from your closet! Each pack comes with two buttons… no more muffin top!

Another great, unique product we saw was the invisibelt. You know when you’re wearing a fitted top over jeans and your belt creates an unsightly buldge? Not with invisibelt! This genius product is a smooth, flat, plastic belt that is virtually undetectable. Gotta love all these products that solve our ever day wardrobe problems. Smart and fashionable!

Overall, the vibe was fantastic and it was wonderful to unwind after a long days work! Thanks to Tony Jordon for the invite! Oh and we can’t forget to mention – we received the ULTIMATE swag bag! It was filled with so many goodies… True Religion perfume, a gorgeous black ADD notebook, fantastic Rich & Skinny pen/highlighter and other wonderful things! Nothing better then Champagne and fab swag!

Thanks to our photographer Hugo Trottier for all the wonderful photos of the event.


jired said...

Ouaou jolie :) Mais souvent trop cher :( Je vais aller faire un tour sur pour voir si je peux trouver ca quelaues part. :)

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