Thursday, March 18, 2010

Holt Renfrew Window Displays

After the Michel Desjardins boutique opening on Tuesday, we walked up Crescent to the corner of Sherbrooke and spotted Holt Renfrew’s amazing, super creative window displays!

The theme of the first set seemed to be ‘Unzipped’, displaying famous men who have been caught in sexual scandals including Dave Letterman, Tiger Woods and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Hilarious!

The second set had an awesome x-ray theme. The mannequins were looking fierce and futuristic!

We loved these two mannequins’ outfits! This first one was wearing a shredded sweater, beaded skirt and electrical tape on her legs - gladiator style. The other wore a heather grey cotton suit that looked like a chic, tailored comfy sweat-suit!

The next set of mannequins had their eyes on us! They watched over Holts closely with their videos and surveillance cameras.

Lovin’ these dresses from Denis Gagnon’s S’10 collection!

The next set of mannequins were having fun in the sun!

Maybe a little too much! Check out those tan lines! Lol

The final set of mannequins were in a hotel themed display. Each of them coming in or out of their rooms.

We loved this mannequin's sexy lips, and fabulous sunnies!

Oh no! This girl at the end of the display dropped her Jimmy Choo purse and the contents were spilling out!

What do we have here? All the essentials… Lipstick, Chanel nail polish and….a condom? Lol! Perhaps the visual department thought it would go un-noticed, but we spotted it! And thought it was funny, clever touch!

Kudos to the Holts window display team. It was a pleasant stroll down Crescent and Sherbrooke, checking out their fun, creative, and slightly controversial displays. Wonder what they’ll come up with next….

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