Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Montreal Fashion Week - Day 2

Day 2 of Montreal Fashion Week was amazing; definitely a step up from day 1! It was jammed packed with great shows… we ended the night drained but feeling blissful about the night. We focused our attention on the shows, and of course trying to get through the massive crowds to stand in the most ridiculous media lines ever.

Our first show was Dinh Ba and boy were we impressed! It was a great start to day 2. The model strutted hard on the runway; every swing on their hips hit the beat on point. The models had massively huge hair and dark smoky cat eyes; Amy Winehouse style.

They were accessorized in the most gorgeous bling ever; it sparkled like stars in our eyes. The collection was full of purples, grays, black and metallic silvers, with a dramatic punch of red.

He showcased the most amazing silver leggings/jeans that seemed to have a stretch jersey waistband. Ruffles, tiers and flowy fabrics seemed to be the hit of the show as the models swayed their hips to music.

The show was to die for. It was strong, edgy, exciting, and the models tore up the runway. We loved it.

The second show was Envers par Yves Jean Lacasse. WOW is the first word that comes to mind. It was out of this world… literally (or at least out of this country lol).

He seemed to take a lot of inspiration from the Middle East with his amazing harem pants and Russia with the fur cuffs and amazing chapeaus.

There were also a lot of outfits that looked like they straight up came off the boat from Pirates of the Caribbean. It was amazing. The fabrics were gorgeous and made you just wanna reach out and touch, they were so luxurious.

Structured blazers and coats were a huge part of the collection and the craftsmanship was indescribable. Again we saw lots of grays and purples and red.

The final look, that appeared to be straight from a Middle Eastern wedding, wowed the audience and brought them to applause. The show was inspiring and we felt like we were in a different era…

Our third show was Body Bag by Jude. The first half of the show featured amazing pieces in plaids, nudes, grays and blacks. There was a lot of amazing draping, pencil skirts and cute dresses.

Some of the pieces, like the pencil skirt and blazer had a fringe detail which totally up the ante. Geometric circular cutouts at the back of the garments also added some extra flair.

Mid-Show the main screen lit up and gave a shout out to the late, great Alexander McQueen. The music picked up and the models came out in gorgeous dresses with the most elaborate bird wings on their chests or worn as hairpieces.

The dresses were stunning; some were bubbles hems while others were body conscious pieces. The details on the lace overlay dresses were fab.

Overall… great. The bird wings really won us over… even if it was a little creepy, it was creative and a little over the top.

The last show of the night was Eve Gravel. We really liked her last collection, so we went in with high hopes. And as they say, what goes up must come down. The show was nothing special, there were some really amazing pieces, but the show really reminded us of SS10, and we were expecting to see something new, different and
perhaps innovative.

Flowy skirts, dresses and blouses were a real hit. The collection was quite cohesive, the pieces were very wearable and the prints were cute.

The knee socks and berets gave a Parisian feel, as they did the old school chummy music. Some of the models came out with cat ears, which kind of baffled us but did remind us of Lady Gaga and her bunny ears. We really adored the black vest with blinging sequined shoulders… so fab.

The majority of the show was black (are you surprised?) with hints of burgundy, blue and white. Strips, prints, sequins and polka dots ruled the runway.

It was a good show… but we were hoping it would have blown us away… just a little. No worry… there is always tonight for that!

In all, we had a great time. It was tiring, especially after a long day of work, but super enjoyable nonetheless. We are looking forward to tonight… hope to see you there!
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Hugo Trottier
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SuperStarsPhotos Agency

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