Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Michel Desjardins Boutique Opening

Yesterday evening, Montreal Fashion Minds had the pleasure of attending the opening of Michel Desjardins’ new boutique at 2155 Crescent Street.

The beautiful new boutique located in the downtown core, was designed with purity of lines in mind. It features a color palette of varying shades of white and grey, and includes a unique translucent screen at the back that offers a glimpse into the designer’s studio.

“With this project, I wanted to plunge myself into downtown spontaneity. That’s why I became more flexible, letting clients drop by without an appointment. Which wasn’t possible at my boutique on de Maisonneuve. Furthermore, I also wanted to emphasize the garment creation that happens in-house, by making the workshop more visible” explains the designer.

Fun Fact about the designer: Before starting his own eponymous label, Michel Desjardins designed for the house of Givenchy where he designed their prêt-à-porter and haute couture lines. He's also a fellow Lasalle College alum! ;)

Designer Michel Desjardin with his Muse, French Canadian Actress, Andrée Lachapelle

The Michel Desjardins collection, available exclusively at his boutique, is notorious for its impeccable tailoring, fluid drapes and clean, pure lines. He uses luxurious fabrics like silks, linens and taffetas to create a high quality, rich looking collection.

While the collection is not exactly targeted toward women of our age, and is definitely geared toward a more mature clientele, we cannot deny the designer’s talent. We ruffled through pieces that would be more suitable for our mothers, then ourselves, but did find a few pieces, like sequined leggings and blazers that styled correctly can be quite fun and youthful.

Overall, we enjoyed our evening at the beautiful new boutique. We sipped champagne and Perrier water, chatted with some familiar faces, and were immersed in fashion. Can’t go wrong with that! Always a great way to wind down after a long day of work.

Thanks again to our fabulous photographer, Hugo Trottier, for all the wonderful photos!

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