Monday, March 8, 2010

"Sex Sells, Unfortunately we sell jeans"... Diesel’s S/S 2010 denim collection

Diesel has just launched their Spring-Summer 2010 collection with their clever "Sex Sells. *Unfortunately We Sell Jeans" ad campaign. Inspired by the alchemy of fire and water, the washes and treatments of these super sexy jeans are right on point.

Inspired by the distressed and burned jeans worn by fire fighters - fire denim is created through specialized techniques developed to create a battered, charred and toasted effect. Look like a real hero without the dirty work!

On the opposite realm, the water group creates a cool vibe with blue and azure. The shades range from dark indigo denim to hard bleached pieces. Some of the pieces have traces of droplets and splashes, using a saltcellar to hand-paint the denim with different hues. Jean junkies will be intrigued and will want to get their hands on these wearable works of art. The treatments involve several different stages, that include: hand abrasions, sophisticated bleach and spray treatments, the use of different soaps and resins, squeezing, scrubbing, stone washing and sandblasting. Talk about complicity at its finest!

Fire and water… not your cup of tea? Well then get summery with their brightly colored denim in shades of light blue, pink, orange and green. They boast a new approach to fit and volume that will cool down the hottest months… For us ladies the collection includes a light denim cloth that is used for low-waist pyjama and Turkish style jeans. They also have slim jeans with a zip at the ankle, slim with zipped pockets and a boot-cut with flap pockets. And for the men in our lives they can stay fresh in the new ‘Tazy’ style that hugs the waist, with a looser cut at the thigh leading to a slender calf and ankle. Talk about getting fab for the summer!

Check out for all the looks… and pick your summer style!

The new denim collection is available at 2114 de la Montagne in Montreal

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7d488b40-64aa-11e0-a4dc-000bcdcb2996 said...

perles, sequins, et fils d’argent. Une fine bande argent finit le bas de la jupe. Elle s’ouvre au dos par zip, et est accompagnée d’une étole en robe de retour mousseline aux poinçons argents, et d’un pantalon bleu turquoise coordonné. Cette pièce unique toute doublée est vraiment divine une fois portée, les photos ne le robe de soirée montrent pas assez. Matière mousseline de soie. Taille 36/38. Il faut également noter divers petits trous, à la fois dans le dos, et dans le satin de robe de soirée