Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Montreal Fashion Week - Day 1

So Day 1 of Fashion Week has passed, and we can't say it was all that thrilling. We've always attended day 2 and beyond and now we know why! Day 1 is nothing like the rest. Besides the overall vibe of lacklusterness... there were not too many fashionable people that caught our eyes or our camera.

Marché Bonsecours (MFW Venue)

Us outside Marche Bonsecous, ready for some fashion!

We did however see some of our fabulous fellow bloggers, including the ever sooooo fly Miss Sly, Super sweet Audrwey from Jeans & Stilettos and cutie Modern Antoinette... all looking fab as usual. For this edition of Montreal Fashion Week, we brought along with us, photographer, Hugo Trottier of SuperStarsPhotos Agency, who took his place at the end of the runways to capture all of our wonderful photos.

Montreal Fashion Minds & Miss Sly

Our first show was Muse by Christian Chenail. It was typical Muse and nothing in particularly really stood out for us. The models had huge manes of crimped hair and metalic makeup. The color palette mostly consisted of black, grey, navy blue (typical of the fall/winter season). He encorporated some bold prints for pazazz, and accessorized with hats belts and scarves. It gave us a sense that were stuck in Russia... but in 1995, lol.

Next was the popular Marie Saint Pierre. We've never had the pleasure of seeing one of her shows before, so we were looking forward to it, however we were sorely disappointed. The show was impressionable, but not in a good way. Almost the entire collection was black and nude... oh and there was this one navy dress.

The clothes were accessorized with either a heaping pile of fabric that resembled intestines, and dresses with awkward draping; some even gave the models the most awkward 'sac' like thing hanging from their butts. That look isn’t flattering, even on the skinniest, most beautiful models. The anticipation from the start of the show quickly faded. It was very long, slow and repetitive, which led us to become quite bored. Sometimes models would come out and we were like... didn't we see that already??

Besides that unsurpassable disappointment, some pieces were pretty fab. She had some architectural, structured l jackets that reminded us of samurais. The models didn’t quite impress us either... super weird walks... and the on and off lights... NIGHTMARE on St. Paul street...

Finally, we were then privileged to attend the charity fashion show by Helmer, which was the highlight of the night. At the last edition of MFW, rumors were flying around that it might be Helmer’s last show at fashion week, but he came back this edition for a great cause – to help raise funds in support of his hometown, Haiti. The fashion show benefitted Handicap International for the Haitian mission, a cause close to the designer’s heart.

Helmer had a host of local celebrities walk the runway in true Helmer style. The show was very fun and lively, unlike SS10 which was grimmer with its funerary theme.

The men were absolutely dashing and really worked it out! They looked fab in plaid shoes, dapper coats and tailored pants. The women looked amazing in signature Helmer patchwork designs, and hair that seemed to be inspired by Snooki from Jersey shore. lol

They all hit the runway set to Haitian music - "to bring a bit of hope, color and lift spirits," Helmer said. Which it did! Some of the men went from strutting to dancing down the runway.

It kept us intrigued, smiling and entertained, and you can never go wrong with Fashion for a cause! We truly admire those, who utilize their talents and success to help those less fortunate. Bravo!

Overall, lets just say it was like a practice day. We ended the night chillin in the media lounge, hoping that MFW day 2 would bring some more fierce fashion, and blow us away!

A demain Fashion Lovas!! xox
Photo Credit:
Hugo Trottier
Image Maker
SuperStarsPhotos Agency
Port Folio; http://superstarsphotos.zenfolio.com/

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