Sunday, March 21, 2010

M toi Grand Opening Cocktail

Thursday evening marked the grand opening of M toi, a hot new salon in Pointe-Claire.

Award-winning hairstylist Valerie Meades, former co-owner of Inpure Salon (Fairview shopping centre), decided to branch off on her own, and open this urban style salon, so she can feel comfortable and free with her craft and be able to bring top service to her clients. The salon brings that chic, urban, downtown vibe straight to the suburbs of Montreal.

This fabulous new salon offers a variety of services including: hairstyling, coloring, hair treatments, massages (Swedish massage, reflexology, cranial massage, Reiki, hot stone massage and Thai herbal massage), natural body scrubs made with raspberries and other goodies, Japanese bath, a small relaxation lounge, tanning, manicure and pedicure.

The M toi space was greatly inspired by Valerie’s various travels around the world. There is something to experience in every nook and corner of the Salon.

Start with Valerie’s specialty and get your hair washed, colored and cut in style. Begin with a relaxing wash, move to the coloring station, and finish off with a fabulous new do’ in her simplistic salon with fabulous, full length mirrors. The unique style was inspired by a salon Valerie visited in England. With the owner’s 24 years of experience, and a number of awards and nominations, including Quebec Stylist of the year 2009 at the Mirror Awards, you’ll surely be walking out of her salon satisfied.

Don’t forget to stop by the makeup station to finish off your look and you’ll definitely be ready for a fabulous night out!

On your next visit, you can focus more on pampering and relaxation. Wind down after a long day of work in the beautiful Moroccan lounge, inspired by Valerie’s latest trip to Morocco.

Next, relax in this Asian inspired tub, where the natural wood absorbs oils and salts and infuses them into the water to give you an ultimate Zen feeling.

When you’re done soaking, treat yourself to a wonderful massage or body scrub.

They also offer a classic favs like manis and pedis!

You can also work on your tan. You can opt for the beds, or you can spray tan, whichever you chose!

The salon also has a variety of top of the line products you can pick up on your way out to continue your fabulous beauty regime at home.

M toi also proposes half-day or entire day spa packages and offers a limousine service to customers in Montreal and surrounding areas. Imagine spending a Sex and the City type of day out with friends while being pampered. How fabulous!

Be sure to check it out at 95 Donegani in Pointe Claire or Call (514) 505-0789 to book an appointment!

Enjoy and stay fabulous!


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