Thursday, March 4, 2010

Montreal Fashion Week - Day 3

So we were waiting to be blown away at Montreal Fashion Week this edition... and Day 3 finally provided us with that satisfaction! We were privileged to see two amazing shows, Dimitri Chris and Barilà. And WOW!!!

Before the shows started, we mingled in the Designer Lounge and sipped some delicious champagne. Then we headed over the Crest photo booth to snap some cute photos!

When it was time to sit in the audience for Dimitri Chris we spotted our designer friend Anthony DiCaprio of Dice Dicaprio. He sat next to us and filled us in on all his new plans for this year! Very exciting stuff... like designing clothing for a new music video... We couldn't be happier for him! When the lights dimmed, the music set the tone, we were briefly blinded by the crazy lights at the top of runway (which we have never seen at MFW before), the lights faded from dark to light and everything in between... and then the men started pouring out of the backstage.

The men had strong, fierce faces and albeit the lack of emotion, they looked amazing! The clothing was spectacular. They reminded us of hot, modern Sherlocks... they were outfitted in suits and coats made of tweed and herringbone materials. They accessorized with sunglasses, huge knit scarves, bowties and luxurious ties. The collection had a lot of feminine inspirations, showcasing corsets, capes and the 'to-the-knee' boots. So hot! We were in awe of the detailed work and the craftsmanship was simply impeccable! In addition to all the amazing clothes, the artistic direction by the fabulous Gibran Ramos was very impressive. We loved the lighting and music effects; they really told a story and created a powerful, and entertaining effect. We can't wait to see some of Montreal's elite fashion men strutting their stuff down the streets of Montreal in DimitriChris.

We hung out for a bit in the media lounge in between shows and met the cutest little mini fashionistas! To be able to hit up the runway shows at such a young age must be both overwhelming and absolutely fantastical! Love it!

We also caught a glimpse of these 'to-die-for' shoes...

The second show we attended was Barilà. We've seen photos of her past collections and were very excited to see what she came up with next. Her SS10 was very impressive so we held our breath as the lights dimmed. As mentioned in their press release... they promised Glitz, Glam and Grunge... and they followed through... they crossed every T and dotted every i. IT WAS FANTABULOUS!!!

The models were hot, as was the pouffed out hair, dark makeup and shoes. The first half was grunge à la max and we loved every singe piece and every detail. The girls stuttered their stuff in cool blazers, bowties, leather leggings with insane ruching, shorts, minis, plaid jumpers and tunics. It was everything we expected and more!

The second half of the show was even more amazing then the first, if that was possible. Our mouths were literally on the floor after seeing each model walk down the runway. The ladies were outfitted in sequin mini dresses with awesome cutouts on the back (reminiscent of the cutouts seen at Bodybag by Jude), sequined blazers and hoodies, gorgeous ruched mini dresses and leather leggings that had laceups on the back or sides (SO HOT). It was a refreshing surprise to see that the collection was completely different from SS10; which was super fun, feminine and flirty, while Fall/Winter has more glamorous and had masculine influences. It’s nice to see designers take risks and go in completely different directions with each collection; it keeps us fashion lovers intrigued and wondering what they will come out with next! We still can't believe how much we loved the show... we'll definitely be trying to get our hands on some of those blingin' pieces!

We had so much fun on Day 3 and can't believe how fast this week went! Tonight is Denis Gagnon...and the final day of MFW. Bring it on... we’re ready!

Photo Credit:
Hugo Trottier
Image Maker
SuperStarsPhotos Agency
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Tiana said...

You have some great photos of the shows! Thanks for snapping my shoes!

I hope you enjoyed the rest of fashion week and maybe I'll see you at the after party tonight.

- Tia

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Thanks for checking the site Tiana!

You're shoes were fabbbbbbulous! As were you...


Anonymous said...

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