Friday, March 5, 2010

Montreal Fashion Week - Day 4

Wow this week went by so fast! We have been anticipating Day 4 of MFW F’10/11 since last Fashion Week! We’re we dying to see what Denis Gagnon was gonna show us this season and we were not disappointed! We were also lucky enough to catch the Soia&Kyo show, which was great as well. In addition, we spent a lot of our time mingling in the cocktail lounge snapping photos of local fashionistas!

First we headed to the designer lounge, where our amazing bartender served delicious Champagne, and kept the refills coming!

While in the lounge, we met a lot of local media and fierce fashionistas, like Carrie MacPherson of Zurbaines. She was looking soo hot in her nude flowy dress! Check out her belt… yes you’re seeing it right… she is using a knee bandage as a belt!! Talk about innovative! We should call her Carrie MacFIERCEon.

Here she is again with her friend, who is wearing one of Denis Gagnon's fabulous SS10 pieces.

Blogger Marjorie Roux is looking so fly in her black jumper, cognac belt, wedges and fur collar!

We also bumped into, the always fabulous, Gibran Ramos of Mad Maus in a kick-ass Denis Gagon T, representing the best in MTL Fashion!! Loving the Chanel glasses!

Also in the lounge was cutie and fellow fashion blogger, Modern Antoinette! Great dress!

We then hit the floor, and saw our friend from LaSalle College in his fantabulous attire. We love the chains on his glasses! He was also lookin extra pimp in that long leather coat and velvet suit surrounded by all this fabulous friends!

Here is one of many P&G Beauty girls that were handing out cool samples like razors, Pantene shampoos and Olay creams!

They also served these fab cakes…yes cakes, by Patisserie des Roy! How cute!!

We also met a new MTL fashion blogger by the name of Candice. Her blog is ‘Montreal In Fashion’. She posed with Mosaiks’ Sok-Many (marketing and sales) and the designer herself, Marie-Eve Chagnon!

Check out these hot boots! So delicious! The Louboutins and Prada bag are to die for!!

Here is Kenny Ace, meanswear blogger for Your Kloset and fellow Lasalle College Alum. Nice kicks!

Check out another fabulous local fashionista posing with Lolitta Dandoy of Clin d’oeil wearing fierce black skirt and black feather caplet. We want one!! Actually....make that two!

Here is a local stylist, Melanie Brisson from GLOSS artistes. She had on the most fab earrings on all week to compliment her fierce hair! LOVE!

We also met the genius behind the new documentary, Je m'appelle Denis Gagnon; Khoa Lê of MonsieurMonsieur Films. Love the bowtie and the fab hair! Be sure to check out the premiere at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the International Festival of Films on Art on March 21.

Our first show was Soia&Kyo and it was fantastic! The coats were gorgeous and totally wearable. They had a variety of pea coats and puffy, down jackets and leather jackets. The men looked great in their jeans and boots and they ladies worked in out in towering stilettos and tons of cute bows from head to toe! We loved the romantic feel mixed with realistic MTL winter gear. Overall it was a great show.

The last show of the week was the always and forever, highly anticipated, Denis Gagnon. The show opened with a snippet of the new documentary, Je m'appelle Denis Gagnon; by Khoa Lê. That set that tone for the show and everyone sat and waited patiently to see the first model step foot on the catwalk.

Where do we begin to describe this show… the clothes… the music… it was all so breathtaking. The customized Aldo shoes were on point and fierce as ever… remember last season? Who knew he could top that! The models strutted their stuff in almost non-exsistant makeup and braided princess lea type hair. The entire collection was full of leather ruffles, zippers, chains, crochet and fringe in a way we’ve never seen before. The fringe, in black, grey, beige and slate blue was to die for. It was looped and tiered and breathtaking. Almost every second piece garnered applause of approval from the audience.

We can’t even imagine how long it would take someone to do such a meticulous job of putting all those beautiful pieces together: that’s what makes Denis so great, so inspiring, so genius. It was brilliant… we don’t see how he could top this show… but knowing him – he’ll do it, with ease.
We had an amazing time this week. We met fabulous people, saw great fashion, drank fantastic champagne and enjoyed ourselves to the max. We have to send a HUGE shout out to our wonderful photographer Hugo Trottier for being by our side to capture all these great fashion moments. Merci!!
Photo Credit:
Hugo Trottier
Image Maker
SuperStarsPhotos Agency


Carrie MacPherson shoots people said...

thanks girls! was great to meet you...
-madame mac-fierce

FiredGirl said...

Nice job ladies! Sorry we didn't get to chat more, it was a madhouse in there last night. I agree, Ms. MacPherson looked divine! And I referred to the DG show as "Biker meets navajo meets Star Wars meets 30's flapper." :)

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Great to meet you too Carrie!
Stay Fabulous! xox

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Thanks Cara! It was pretty crazy in there! lol Good to see you again. :)

7d488b40-64aa-11e0-a4dc-000bcdcb2996 said...

plus gracieuses. Le bustier plissé coeur-croisé remonte en attache derrière la nuque, et le décolleté bateau au dos habille de part et d’autre les épaules. C’est un top des robe de mariée modèle vaporeux tout doublé très agréable à porter qui ira à ravir avec des accessoires ou des chaussures rose framboise, ou avec toute autre couleur vive. Matière soie et top des robe de mariée acétate. Taille 40/42. Les manches en dentelle transparente noire habillent joliment les épaules et apportent une touche d’originalité à ce modèle très top des robe de mariée